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Gas refills for your soda maker, delivered free.

SodaStream compatible gas refills delivered to your door, same day, 6 days a week. Subscribe and never run out of Bubbles again! From $12 per cylinder. 

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Order quick refills for your home soda machines delivered for free to your doorstep.
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These are a swap for your empty canisters, including SodaStream or SodaKing. You give us an empty cylinder, we swap it for a full one.

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Club Bubble

Never run out of gas again.

Subscribe and put your feet up. We’ll ensure you’ve always got sparkling water on tap by regularly refreshing your canisters without you lifting a finger. With a Club Bubble subscription, you get up to 42% off your refills. 

Pay as low as $10.50 per canister.



Including delivery

Your First Time?

Everyone remembers their first.
Get your a brand new filled canister delivered for free. No need to swap anything.

Frequently Asked

There is no such thing as a stupid question.

How do refills work?

SodaStream refills cost up to $24, and you have to go and swap it yourself. Annoying and easy to forget. We charge $18 and that includes delivery to your house!

How do we do it?

Mainly because retailers take a margin on SodaStream refills. We don’t have to deal with that, and pass the savings on to you.

Plus, SodaStream can basically charge what they want because there’s no competition on refills…until now.

Are Bubble canisters different to other canisters?

Yes, they’re better.

In fact, SodaStream are only able to fill their canisters with 400g of CO2 gas. Because ours are better quality, they are regulated to hold 450g. So for a better price you’re getting more sparkling water. That means they’ll last longer between swaps.

Otherwise, they are the same size with the same fitting as regular Australian SodaStream, SodaKing and other standard canisters.

Can I buy a new canister and not swap?

Yep, you can get Bubble Starter  for just $28.

Order Now

Does Bubble deliver to my area?

We are a new company that doesn’t currently deliver everywhere, but we are expanding fast!

The best way to check if we deliver to you is to start the checkout process and it will let you know if we deliver to you before you hit the payment screen. If you make the payment screen, you’re in the zone.

How do subscriptions work?

Choose a subscription based on your consumption. Each month or two, depending on your subscription, we swing by and swap your canisters for new ones. 

The subscription is designed so that you never finish all the gas in all the canisters, so each month you will be giving back a canister or two that still has gas left in it. This has been factored in, and means you never run out!

If you are running out before our swap, this is an indication that you should probably move up a tier.

I don’t have a Bubble canister, can I still sign up?

Yes! No problem.

You can swap your old SodaStream or other canister for one of our new Bubble canisters for $18 including delivery, here.

Or if you don’t want to swap, and want a new canister, simply don’t leave any canisters out when we deliver and we’ll charge you an extra $10. Much cheaper than a new Sodastream canister!

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Check the FAQ Page or Contact Us for more information.

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